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Here comes the peach wig customer show collection from UniWigs Trendy. This is just a collection for recently days, if you want see more sexy hairstyles, check our YouTube channel for more videos:

The wig got to my house in really good condition and very quickly. They made my first experience of buying and owning a wig very easy and pleasing. Can not wait to buy from here again! — Anonymity Apr 30, 2017

Peach Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Peach Synthetic Lace Front Wig

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A synthetic wig can be called lace front wigs?

After more than one years learn and work, I am confused that does a synthetic wig can be called lace front wigs? Or when people say lace front wigs, they actually mean human hair lace front wigs?  Since the synthetic wigs is more and more high quality, most of them have front lace, does this mean we can call them front lace wigs? And lace front wigs = front lace wigs? Or not? I am so confused, anybody can tell me the answer?

synthetic wigs sale
synthetic wigs sale

A lace front synthetic wig is a good choice

A lace-front wig is a full wig that has a lace mesh attached in front of the hairline that allows for custom fitting and styling. The lace front is glued to the forehead, providing a seamless transition to the skin. This wig is hand-tied in the very front with machine wefts in the back.

The difference of full lace wig and lace front wigs: For a full lace wig,the premier of all wig cap construction types and it has the softest and most comfortable cap, it’s ideal for a sensitive scalp & hair loss(most of the time) .At the same time,it allows for styling versatility as you can comb the hair in any direction. And they can be glued to the scalp.

lavender wigs
lavender wigs

But for a lace front wig,it can creates the illusion of a natural-looking front hairline and each hair on the lace is individually hand-tied to a section of sheer lace ,and it allows for styling hair away from the face .Most are ready-to-wear & temple-to-temple.

Human hair offers the most natural look and feel. It is remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. It is also extremely versatile. Human Hair can be cut and styled to suit your personal tastes. And while it can be a more expensive pick,with the proper care,it is also more durable and can last over a year. With technological advances, synthetic hair has come a long way in recent years.In some cases it is difficult to tell the difference — the denier and texture are such that they feel almost like human hair. As a matter of fact, with some of the higher quality synthetic pieces, like UniWigs,you would never know they were not natural human hair if you didn’t have the human hair right next to it to compare!

So if you want a lace front wig but don’t want to go broke, a lace front synthetic wig is a good choice absolutely. UniWigs lace front synthetic wigs don’t have that plastic silky feel.They feel natural and look natural. Check out the direct link to more details:

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Valentine’s day Sale

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How to make the Synthetic Lace Front Wigs looks natural

Sherry is the ideal wig style for bachelorette bashes, costume parties & events. This long layer wave costume wig features ombre black to brown and long lengh puts you in the spotlight. lace front construction offers the most natural hairline. lace front construction offers the most natural hairline.

SEE how she style this synthetic lace front wigs in the video and if you have any questions feel free to make a comment below. Find the original video on her Youtube here: @tastePINK

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